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100 Amazing Things Happened When I Quit Wine

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

If you think sober is boring, sober is missing missing out, sober is unsexy, you're wrong.

This list is all the returns on my investment that I didn't notice happening in the background of my new sober life. I gave up one thing and I gained everything -- all because I was freeing up headspace and becoming alive.

I gave up one thing and I gained everything -- all because I freed up headspace and began becoming alive.
  1. I started daily exercise

  2. I started intermittent fasting

  3. I created a meal planning system

  4. I started using a weekly shopping list

  5. I started a meditation practice

  6. I bought a jade roller

  7. I started using a scalp massager in the shower

  8. I got new underwear

  9. I joined Qapital and started saving money

  10. I gave myself permission to rest

  11. I started praying more; doing daily devotions and connecting with God

  12. I started reliably brushing my teeth before bed

  13. I started moisturizing my face at night

  14. I started washing my face before bed

  15. I started daily journaling

  16. I started making friends

  17. I shared vulnerabilities

  18. I subscribed to Audible and started listening to books

  19. I took my dog for surgery

  20. I started taking vitamins

  21. I started flossing

  22. I started speaking up for myself

  23. I discovered boundaries and started enforcing them

  24. I bought a domain name for a blog and started planning

  25. I bought a new car. On my own.

  26. I purged our spare bedroom that was a wasteland of lost things

  27. I set up a writing studio

  28. I decluttered and reorganized my kitchen

  29. I made a vision board

  30. I started peeking out of my turtle shell and drove three hours to Indiana to meet a new alcohol-free friend

  31. I got published!

  32. I upgraded my coffee

  33. I started making protein shakes

  34. I started writing down goals in my planner each month

  35. I started asking for help instead of suffering in silence and being passive aggressive

  36. My outlook became more positive

  37. My mindset switched from fixed to growth

  38. My negative self-talk stopped

  39. I surprised my family with a puppy 🐶 💛

  40. I started saying I Love You more

  41. I discovered the Enneagram

  42. I started teaching my son how to calm his mind and control his emotions

  43. I started wearing my wedding rings again because they fit!

  44. I got a weighted blanket and started sleeping more deeply

  45. I started actually listening when others were speaking

  46. I started wearing makeup again

  47. I lost 10 lbs

  48. My blood glucose normalized

  49. My anxiety reduced dramatically

  50. My blood pressure normalized

  51. I was removed from the pre-diabetic "watch list"

  52. I inspired my parents to go AF. They are 6 months!!

  53. I started watching shows with my husband and I remembered what happened

  54. I turned off my phone notifications

  55. I made a budget

  56. I started sleeping on a silk pillowcase

  57. I started waking up before my alarm

  58. I started leaping out of bed with anticipation of the day ahead

  59. I started replacing my toothbrush heads each month


  61. I stopped calling myself a fat little troll

  62. I started making plans for the future

  63. I started an evening routine and started winding down before bed

  64. I talked to my kids about setting goals and working hard

  65. I started making investments in myself

  66. I organized a care package for a friend who needed a little love 💕

  67. I started believing I could do big things

  68. I started practicing expressing my opinions

  69. I started feeling confident

  70. I started telling my husband the truth about becoming alcohol free, my struggles with it and why it is so important to me

  71. I started a gratitude journal

  72. I started become less reactionary

  73. I made my kids hot chocolate after they shoveled snow without complaining. Seems small, but when you are stumbling through life even small things seem to take too much effort.

  74. I deleted apps that were sucking me in and wasting my time

  75. I started becoming more organized

  76. I started living in the moment

  77. I started recognizing and feeling my unadulterated emotions -- joy, pain, grief, hope, stress -- without the mask of alcohol

  78. I started to learn how to self-soothe without alcohol

  79. I started saying, "Thank you, Jesus. I trust you, Jesus."

  80. I started drinking lemon water

  81. I started remembering promises and consequences I made to/for my kids

  82. I de-matted my cat in a very respectful way

  83. I bought salt scrub and started exfoliating in the shower

  84. I was able to recover quickly from COVID

  85. I started learning more about addiction

  86. I joined online communities

  87. I became more engaged at work

  88. I started doing more than the bare minimum

  89. I started expressing appreciation for others

  90. I started feeling lighter -- more playful

  91. I started taking an interest in cooking meals for my family

  92. I started becoming a better problem solver

  93. I started bouncing back from stressful events more easily

  94. I started learning to stop taking responsibility for other people's feelings

  95. I started accepting compliments instead of deflecting

  96. I started to see other people's success as exceptional and not as a narrative about how I am not

  97. I started sharing my story

  98. I started encouraging others

  99. I started smiling much more

  100. I started connecting positive experiences with being sober minded.

Sober Doesn't Suck

A healthier, fuller, more JOYFUL life is waiting for you. Be brave. I can't wait to uncover all the gifts that year two will bring as I continue working at my alcohol-free life.

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